Our expansive collection of decorative craft papers includes papers made from mulberry, kozo, papyrus, banana leaves, cork, and many varieties of lokta. Embrace the art of learning with fun paper craft projects. The 8-1/2" x 11" sheets can be cut, folded, glued, and sculpte... Roylco Marble Sculpture Paper is a coated paper stock for all cut, fold, and paste projects. Lama Li Tibetan Cloud Paper is handmade in the mountains of Nepal from the inner bark of the lokta bush. Paper for Art Project, 30 Pieces Handmade Paper, Cards, Paper, Recycled Paper Scrap Pack, Card Making Paper, Paper for Craft, Deckle Edge FoxHillLlamas. The Roylco Remnants Value Pack includes everything and anything, but nothing in particular except exceptional value. Pack includes six geometric patterns on 36, 12" x 12" sheets. Durable and practically priced, each pack offers a random assortment from a range of 200 designs. The thickness and weight of paper is measured in gsm (Grams per Square Metre), so … These striking pape... Black Ink Thai Marbled Momi Decorative Paper. Mini-circles measuring approximately ¼” each vary in shape and size throughout this textured paper with a honeycomb design. The design is screen printed on ... Machine-made in Thailand with a mix of kozo and banana, and full of wooden particles and fibers, for a rich organic texture. The 8-1/2" x 11" sheets can be cut, folded, glued, and sculpted to create historical and contemporary crafts. This two-layered, textured paper features a rich metallic gold mulberry overlayed with the natural element of abaca. Handmade in Nepal, these Lokta sheets have a soft gold brush over their surface that creates varying patterns. Acid-free. Because of that it can be hard to get 100% solids. Acid-free. After it has dried, the paper is marbleized with paint on the surface or different colored pulps that are mixed together to form the paper itself. Layer it over other papers, make window shades or room screens. Illustrate classroom comic books, create modern art, or add "pop" to traditional crafts with Roylco Pop Culture Paper! Handmade from eco-friendly, tree-free lokta, this natural colored paper is strewn with inclusions of naturally dyed lokta fibers, providing a fiesta of color. Roll measures 24" × 8'. Long, swirling strands of kozo provide contrast and texture in these traditional style unryu papers. We carry both hand-made papers and machine made mulberry papers including some which are laser or ink jet printer compatible. Though machine made in Thailand, they look and feel like delicate handmade paper. Found 10,000' high in the Himalayas mountain range, the Daphne plant is picked by village artisans and made into the fine paper that lasts for centuries. Add dimension to custom signs, wall hangings, puzzles, frames, and more with Cricut Chipboard. Layer the material and then your wet handmade paper on top. Nepalese Lokta Flower Paper has a monochromatic color scheme, with deckle edges on all four sides. They're great for scrapbooks, decorations, handmade cards, and other paper crafts. For decorating, art projects, paper sculpture, and gift wrap. The first coat of paint tends to bead on this paper, though, so most often prefer to apply a layer or two of gesso before painting on it. Deckle edges on the two shorter sides give this machinemade paper a handmade look. These single-faced corrugated papers feature a 1/16" high fluted wave pattern. Great for embellishing greeting cards, invitations, scrapbooks, papercrafts, and more, American Crafts Cardstock Packs contain acid-free, archival, printed sheets in a variety of patterns. Based in Connecticut and upstate New York, her handmade paper works are the relics of a performative process of pouring pulps into a … Some papers have banana leaves, thicker kozo fibers, mango leaves, or are embossed to create texture and interest. Edition sold out. Made to simulate the look and feel of real leather, this paper is printer-friendly, washable, and retains its shape. 100% kozo. Another option is to apply an external sizing - to actually paint a gelatin sizing onto the sheet of handmade paper. This heavy, 2 mm chipboard can be embellished with paint, fabric, glitter, and more. With assorted papers cut in a variety of sizes, each pack offers a great sampling of creative mulberry papers at an affordable price. Use them for book making, backgrounds for framed photos, and a wide variety of decorating projects. This heavy, 2 mm chipboard can be embellished with pain... Black Ink Circle Patterned Lace Decorative Paper. This intriguing design was inspired by famous quotes from the German writer Goethe. Shop for canvas prints, framed prints, tapestries, and more from independent artists all over the world. Wrinkle-resistant. The paper folds, drapes, and scores easily, making it ideal for a variety of uses. Perfect for card-making, book covers, and craft projects, these iridescent papers have subtle stippling that gives the appearance of embossed dots. This intriguing design was inspired by famous quotes from the German writer Goethe. Like any hand-crafted or handmade paper, Black Ink Thai Marbled M... Rich swirls of opaque, transparent, and metallic colors chase across the surface of these delicate lightweight (12 lb), papers. Ideal for paper crafts, Thai Criss Cross Paper is handmade in Thailand from 80% mulberry and 20% short pulp. This lightweight paper is an excellent choice for fine art projects, scrapbooking, and collage. Children will enjoy feeling the bumps and ridges on Roylco Sensory Paper as they finger paint, color, scribble, and trace patterns. Other decorative art paper choices include marbled, screen printed, and embossed papers. This one’s easy. The art is all archival, unique and beautiful. Mango leaf inclusions. Harvesting the bark actually promotes growth, making lokta an eco-friendly, sustainable paper choice.

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