If these trees could talk, we're sure they'd have plenty to say. By continued use, you agree to our privacy policy and accept our use of such cookies. This FB thread hopes to create a photo gallery of all Philippine native flowering and ornamental trees (including bush trees). Our trees planted inside our fence.but their was a new land owner and we choose to move out . We did get them cut down, but not without trouble.Another case involves government and that is what your statement seems to be getting at. She also writes for SPOT.ph and Entrepreneur.com.ph. And getting what you require from your neighbors may take a lot of diplomacy. (a) Selling, Purchasing, Re-selling, Transferring, Distributing or Possessing a Chain Saw Without a Proper Permit. After a few years living here another tree issue grew up. If they do not have a license for their chainsaw FIND SOMEONE ELSE to do the work. This is the IRR for RA 9904 - has to do with HOAs:http://hlurb.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/IRR/IRR_RA_9904.pdfDon't know if it helps.Lots of people in US with tales of woe about their HOA.It is always possible to make a situation worse, so tread carefully. Every landowner shall have the right to demand that trees hereafter planted at a shorter distance from his land or tenement be uprooted. Maybe it would be better to get a condo in the city. The tree was partly damaged because of the fire. Talk to DENR. The roots of the trees go deeply into the roots of the people and the nation. Can I still process or can I still get permit to cut the tree even if we already cut the half of it? Springwater, let me give some cases contrary to that.We bought a property. Eminent domain of the state over private lands is the blade swinging overhead that few land owners ever notice. That's just my thoughts. After you explain the situation to them they can inform you of the laws and regulations and tell you what permits you need and who can issue them to you. Even if you are allowed to obtain a licensed chainsaw is it really worth the risk and trouble of having one? This is always the first step. There are several, but the two that are most pertinent to expat circumstances are cases #1 and #2: 1) The tree poses a threat to life and or property. If the branches of any tree should extend over a neighboring estate, tenement, garden or yard, the owner of the latter shall have the right to demand that they be cut off insofar as they may spread over his property, and, if it be the roots of a neighboring tree which should penetrate into the land of another, the latter may cut them off himself within his property. Persons Authorized to Possess and Use a Chain Saw. - Gathering, collecting, removing, and transporting of timber, forest products, and coconut lumber as a result of acts performed under Sections 7 and 8 shall not be considered illegal acts: Provided, That. Metro Manila may not be the greenest city in the world or even the country, but there are several trees in the city that have been singled out for their roles in history. It is ok for people to talk about there experiences and share their opinions prefaced as opinions, such as is done in this article. The owner may not want to sell them just yet or ever. You can adorn it with an array of and ornaments or keep it simple by using only fairy . Trees do more than just reduce carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, and make our surroundings beautiful. Power poles too. Located about two kilometers away from the La Mesa Dam and the old Barrio Pasong Putik, this tree gained its distinction for being the location where the Spaniards arrested Tandang Sora and exiled her to Guam in 1896. If the offenses are committed by or in conspiracy with an officer or employee of the owner or operator of the power line, such officer or employee shall suffer a penalty one (1)degree higher than the penalty provided herein. Can we cut the trees? If the fruit falls on its own, then it is no longer growing, no longer attached and no longer an integral part of an immovable and therefore it becomes the property of the owner of the land upon which it falls. Mangosteens, Garcinia mangostana, are tropical evergreen trees native to southeast Asia and grown in the Philippines. One of these is the Banana tree which despite being one of the most common trees … Most people think this tree is just a "cool thing," but U.P. Be watchful for this scenario especially if your property is not yet fenced. Surprisingly, though it continues to bear fruit, locals have claimed that they’re not as succulent or juicy as they were before. The provisions of this article also apply to trees which have grown spontaneously. We've done a list of beautiful native trees, but here are some of the most important and historic trees in Manila–and beyond. But this is based upon the assumption that you actually own the property with no encumbrance. And before I close this section I would like to add that this illustrates the reason why branches and roots are treated differently by the law: you can cut roots, but not branches. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. We later wanted to use certain trees on it. You will never have to worry about cost because iPrice has 78% on Artificial Trees in Philippines. 4) DENR may need to inspect the location. It was lost in 2004 and replaced in 2014. The. Nothing you read here is to be taken as legal advice or professional guidance. If a neighbor's tree is damaging your property and or is a potential threat, then you may contact DENR. — Any person who shall cut, gather, collect, or remove timber or other forest products from any forest land, or timber from alienable and disposable public lands, or from private lands, without any authority under a license agreement, lease, license or permit, shall be guilty of qualified theft as defined and punished under Articles 309 and 310 of the Revised Penal Code: Provided, That in the case of partnership, association or corporation, the officers who ordered the cutting, gathering or collecting shall be liable, and if such officers are aliens, they shall, in addition to the penalty, be deported without further proceedings on the part of the Commission on Immigration and Deportation. On many occasions, permit issuance is delegated to the barangay level. If they use a chainsaw, ask to see their chainsaw license and make a copy of it. WELCOME! In 1890, the future president was a young sacristan and it is believed that he, When Pope Paul VI visited Manila in the ‘70s, he, stood witness to the convening of the First Philippine Congress, The Must-Have Apps for Finding the Cheapest Flights, The 9 Best Travel Itinerary Apps for Booking Activites, Tours, and More. - The Department is hereby authorized to issue permits to possess and/or use a chain saw for the felling land/or cutting of trees, timber and other forest or agro-forest products to any applicant who: a) has a subsisting timber license agreement, production sharing agreement, or similar agreements, or a private land timber permit; e) shall use the chain saw for a legal purpose. It was also said that Aguinaldo wrote his memoirs under the shade of the tree. Restoring forests will also help regulate the local climate, improve water reservoirs, and … A great resource that details scores of Philippine trees and their uses can be found at, If any of the links above for supporting documents are dead, then you may be able to locate the document that you want on our. And section 7 closes out with this admonition: If the violation under this Section is committed by or through the command or order of another person, partnership or corporation, the penalties herein provided shall likewise be imposed on such other person, or the responsible officer(s) in such partnership or corporation. Our Personal Experience With Tree Cutting In The Philippines. Sec. Copyright 2019 PhilippineDestiny.com. This important Christmas component will be the centerpiece during this festivity, no matter what your Christmas tree-decorating preference is. This same problem can affect concrete walls. Unfortunately, when Aguinaldo left Malolos, the convent, which also functioned as his headquarters, was burned, along with the important government documents. Supernatural Plants. They stand as silent witnesses to the lives of people, and sometimes, important events in Philippine history. I din’t know that it is complicated to cut trees inside my property. We had to pay the person who had planted them (the previous owner). Does the captain of the barangay has the authority to cut down trees without prior notice to the land owner because of the urgent road widening on the agricultural land? (390a). When Pope John Paul II visited the country in 1981, he followed his predecessor’s footsteps and, with the helpf of Cardinal Sin, planted his own. - It is hereby declared unlawful for any person, whether natural or juridical, public or private, to: (a) Plant or cause to be planted tall growing plants, including plants of whatever kind, variety, or height within the power line corridor; (b) Construct or erect any hazardous improvements within the power line corridor; (c) Conduct or perform any hazardous activities within the power line corridor; There have been cases in the Philippines where property owners purposefully planted fast growing tree directly beneath power lines knowing that this would eventually cause power disruption. The roots encroach the land, whereas the branch, so long as it remains attached to the tree is considered to be non-encroaching and you cannot cut it. Earlier this year (2019) we were told by our local power co-op that it was the property owner's responsibility to clear trees that obstruct the service drop. Otherwise, I would trust that most expats do not go out chopping Whenever a large tree threatens to fall in such a way as to cause damage to the land or tenement of another or to travelers over a public or private road, the owner of the tree shall be obliged to fell and remove it; and should he not do so, it shall be done at his expense by order of the administrative authorities. (592). This is our personal experience that we are sharing with you. "There is no "legal advice" here.If you want "legal advice" you need to talk to a lawyer.Please do not request "legal advice" from people who are not licensed attorneys.It is a violation of the law for them to provide that to you. If all else fails and it really matters, then it might be time to consult an attorney. - Without prejudice to civil and administrative liability, the following penalties shall be imposed upon any person, both natural and juridical, found guilty of committing any of the prohibited acts specified in Section 6 of this Act: (a) First Offense – the penalty of arresto mayor or a fine of Fifty thousand pesos (P50,000.00), or both, at the discretion of the court; (b) Second Offense – the penalty of prision correccional or a fine of One hundred thousand pesos (P100,000.00), or both, at the discretion of the court; and. The process and requirements for a specific case may be simpler or more complicated. There's even a park in Puerto Princesa dedicated to their stunning blush flowers. In fact, from inside the store, you can see several indications of bullet marks on the bark. Since this list is taken from a document that was issued almost 30 years ago it is possible that other names have been added to or taken from the listing. What if the person with whom we are having issues is a Barangay official or is related to them? I contacted the owner about the trees while it was just seedlings but to no avail. The truth is that you are a tenant and the state owns the property. Coconut trees are a separate issue and are addressed later. Depending on the situation you may obtain a tree cutting permit from DENR, PCA or your local barangay. We have acacia tree inside our land or property and we would like to use the property now. - In the performance of the acts under Sections 7 and 8, the owner or operator of the power lines may seek the assistance of LGU officials, the Philippine National Police (PNP), or the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP): Provided, That the LGU officials, the PNP, or the AFP shall render such assistance, as may be deemed necessary. Oct 20, 2020 - Explore Tony Frank's board "Philippine native trees" on Pinterest. Now the trees are higher than my fence and will obviously cause problems on my property. © 2019 EsquireMag.ph, All Rights Reserved, IMAGE FACEBOOK Historical Marker Hunter Pilipinas/WIKIPEDIA. This activity has caused major and extended blackouts and is one of the main reasons for the law. Cooking In The Philippines With Liquid Propane Gas... Can A Foreigner Or An Expat Own A Gun In The Phili... Buying Land In The Philippines Part 1: Survey and Subdivision, Buying Land In The Philippines Part 4: DAR Clearance. If you are an expat and you are looking for a place to live with your Filipino spouse, then consider the trees that are growing on the property and those that are growing on properties adjoining it. Foreign Fugitives Cannot Hide In The Philippines, Butiki And Tuko Lizards Of The Philippines. (4) Actual Unlawful Use of Chain Saw. That's why God made attorneys...to answer such questions. In the event that the property owner fails to perform any duty and responsibility under the preceding paragraphs, the owner or operator of the power lines shall have the right to access the power line corridor in order to undertake the acts enumerated under Section 7: Provided, That the entry to private property may only be effected after due notice to, and proper coordination with the property owner: Provided, however, That the foregoing shall no longer be required to avert an imminent danger posed by a power line obstruction in accordance with Article 432 of the Civil Code. If you hire someone to cut down the trees and there is no proper permit, then both of you are on the hook for any laws broken. And they did. Section 6 above specifically outlaws obstructive activities and Section 7 below provides power companies with the specific right to access the property and fix damaged power lines and equipment: Prevention and Removal of Power Line Obstruction on Public Property or on Property Owned by Owner or Operator of Power Lines. It’s unusual to see nature and commercial establishments cohabit harmoniously but a tree located in a Jollibee branch in Manila has managed to do so. (previous page) 00391jfSibul BiaknaBato National Park Road Madlum River Bridge San Miguel Bulacanfvf 11.JPG 4,608 × … Our neighbor cut down our tree. It is not only the cutting of trees that can get you into hot water in the Philippines. The trunks are maybe 8 feet away, but if we let the limbs grow out they would drop a lot of trash in our neighbor's yard. The papal gifts used to have markers on them, however, park attendants removed them because ardent devotees kept causing damage. Section 9 provides for government and police assistance for power companies to accomplish their necessary tasks in clearing power obstructions: Assistance from Local Government Units, Philippine National Police, and Armed Forces of the Philippines. Frequently narra and mahogany come up and the Benguet Pine. (c) Third Offense – the penalty of prision mayor or a fine of Two hundred thousand pesos (P200,000.00), or both, at the discretion of the court. It is best to hire an experienced local to do your tree cutting. Maybe not.The Barangay is supposedly required to have stakeholder meetings where everyone is told what is happening and how they will all be affected. Though these Philippine trees are commonly mistaken as the Balayong (another cherry-blossom lookalike), they're actually a species of tabebuia and … It also gives the power company the unilateral right to do so: Prevention and Removal of Power Line Obstruction on Private Property. q) Forest product means timber, pulpwood, firewood, bark, tree top, resin, gum, wood, oil, honey, beeswax, nipa, rattan, or other forest growth such as grass, shrub, and flowering plant, the associated water, fish, game, scenic, historical, recreational and geologic resources in forest lands. Revolutionary officers would have stayed under its shade as they waited their turn to report to Emilio Aguinaldo who lived in the convent. Before you do anything or ask anyone else to touch any plant or tree make an appointment to speak with DENR-CENRO where you live. Section 5. Otherwise, diplomacy might be the best tool to keep your neighbor's tree away from the property line. When you come to live in the Philippines remember to take care how you treat the trees. The main point to understand and take away from this post is that trees are a very important constituent of the ancient cultural heritage of the Philippines. 3) The person requesting the tree(s) to be cut may be required to plant seedlings.

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