English acts like kind of barrier to Korean. This pair of letters is used as a Christian symbol, and is often combined with the Cross, Chi-rho, or other Christian symbols. It is literally the best translation out there! In the sample text below, you can see that the KJV & most all other translations in Luke 14:26 says that we must hate our parents, which goes completely contrary to scripture! For more comparisons between KJV & AOB, please click here. Scripture font = color blue, 8 Verdana UPPERCASE ALL CAPS. Whereas, this translation clearly makes the necessary distinction in each case. The Roman Catholic Church publicly admits that they added to & took away words & verses of the bible. Most modern bible translations are published by American corporations and are in American English. Therefore, I still encourage everyone to download the PDF, and also to attain the paperback copies. Then click "check out". Please check back every month for the most recent online update, as I will be continuing to edit/improve the online version often, thus the online version will not always match the paperback editions 100%. The Alpha & Omega Bible is available in E-Sword! The latest paperback edition update is from Oct. 26, 2020. This proves that "The Alpha & Omega Bible" is truly the most accurate bible translation! Everyone realizes that there is a vowel sound at the beginning, & therefore the rule of the Jot letter demands the pronunciation of "JE" which includes the g like sound & the e sound together as one. 6. If you can provide proof of purchase of the full color paperback editions, we can provide you with the updated full color paperbacks at wholesale prices. In the PDF and the paperbacks, they appear as their own books in front of Daniel and after the end of Daniel, because most people now consider these are separate books, and thus to help you understand which chapters/books are now considered as "Apocrypha". This bible is definitely worthy of 5 stars!". So Abraham observed the whole law from 'aleph to taw. The bible written accurately for the first time in over hundreds of years. A pioneer in nontraditional, theological education in Africa, AOS was founded in 1990 in Jinja, Uganda. Welcome to the website of Alpha-Omega Seminary. Volume 4 = The Prophets, Black & White Edition. Volume 1 = Torah/Law/Pentateuch, Color Edition. Always has been, always will be. Large Print, Large Margins. (Color Edition) Just as “A to Z” signifies the completeness of communication, fullness of knowledge, and clarity of thought, the phrase “alpha and omega… (154 pages) Considering all of this, I felt compelled to compile, edit, translate & publish the most accurate translation & study bible that I possibly could provide the church. Compare Aretas (Cramer's Catenae Graecae in New Testament) on Revelation 1:8 and Tertullian (Monog, 5): "So also two Greek letters, the first and last, did the Lord put on Himself, symbols of the beginning and the end meeting in Him, in order that just as alpha rolls on to omega and omega returns again to alpha, so He might show that both the evolution of the beginning to the end is in Him and again the return of the end to the beginning." However, the actual meaning of these words is "fiesta", a festival, a celebration, a holiday, to reel back & forth, not a feast of food, although the keeping of a celebration can include feasting. The AOB leans more toward American English but does include a mixture of British English. ... /.../irenaeus/against heresies/chapter xv sige relates to marcus.htm, Respecting the Generation of the Twenty-Four Letters. Up to date truth! Luke 14:26 Alpha & Omega Bible: “IF ANYONE COMES TO ME, AND IS NOT WILLING TO FORSAKE (when necessary) HIS OWN FATHER AND MOTHER AND WIFE AND CHILDREN AND BROTHERS AND SISTERS, YES, AND EVEN HIS OWN LIFE, HE CANNOT BE MY DISCIPLE". ISBN-13: 978-1540774057 ISBN-10: 1540774058 Words are of good size quality. John 10:30. 4. ISBN-13: 978-1981922888 ISBN-10: 1981922881 Includes the history of the bible and what the name of Theos (God) is at the front and includes an outline of the 7 seals, 7 trumpets, & 7 plagues, and emergency numbers /subject index at the back. Due to limited time before the Great Tribulation, I have not yet put all of the words of the Creator in red in all of the Old Testament. Scripture font = Verdana size 8 all uppercase all caps.

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